A Pandemic of Grief 

In 2019, Over 57% of Americans indicated that they had experienced the loss of someone or something significant in their lives in the past three years.


Our Mission

 Grief to Growth exists to help those impacted by the loss of someone or something significant take the next step forward.

About Grief to Growth

Both Matt and Kari were widowed in 2015.  They met while going through grief counseling.  They married in 2017 and are blending a family of 7 kids.  Their individual journies of loss inspired them to start Grief to Growth as a way of helping others through these challenging times.

Their programs take participants through a pathway of processing their grief, gaining a new perspective, and then developing an individualized plan for moving forward with their lives after such losses.  Their story, as well as the Grief to Growth program, has inspired and given hope to countless people that have been impacted by loss.

Larry and Laura were participants in our program.  Larry's late wife passed away following a lengthy illness. Laura had her own journey of multiple losses. They attended the program together and have a powerful story of growth as a result.

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What are Participants Saying

These are comments from participants in our online and in-person program. This material was designed with YOU in mind. We aren't here to tell you "how to grieve", but to give you tools and resources to move forward with purpose.

  • "I stepped out of denial. I have tools and resources to help me navigate through my grief journey. It's comforting to have the help I need."
  • "Throughout the course I've learned many thing about myself that I had never realized I was feeing, even missing in my life."
  • "I have opened up a lot more to others about my losses. I have gained support I didn't know was there."
  • "I was able to finally process my brother's death and the loss of things in my life due to family trauma."
  • "I have found it much easier to get up out of bed every day."



• Seminars
• Weekend Gatherings
• Small Group Curriculum
• Leadership Training
• Online courses
• In-person 8-week sessions

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