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Loss is an unwelcome pivot that upends our lives. It could be the heartache of loss, health crisis uncertainty, relationship isolation, or unfulfilled dreams. Whatever your personal loss, this book acknowledges your pain, offering a path from grief to growth.

Within these insightful pages, you'll explore six critical phases of a unique pathway designed just for you. Each phase serves an influential role in your transformative journey, helping you to:


1. Confront the Depth of Your Loss: Recognize and accept the multifaceted impact of your grief, giving yourself permission to feel.

2. Uncover New Perspectives: Shift your viewpoint from what you've lost to embracing the changes, using loss as a lens for reflection and newfound understanding.

3. Forge Ahead with Resilience: Harness the inner strength you've gained on your journey, using it as fuel for the road ahead.


This book isn't a mere collection of advice; it's a roadmap through your personal wilderness of grief. Through practical strategies, thought-provoking questions, and empathetic wisdom, you will find comfort and be empowered to redefine your life's purpose after loss.

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Learn the importance of journaling and tracking new habits as you take the next step toward hope and healing. Additionally, you will receive powerful information on the importance of journaling when experiencing loss, so you can better understand how it can benefit your healing process.

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If you're looking for a way to navigate your journey of loss and move forward with greater strength and resilience, Grief to Growth® could be the perfect resource. This powerful program has shown to be a life-changing experience for those impacted by loss.


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About Matt and Kari!


Matt and Kari were both married at 19 and spent their married life serving in church ministry. In 2015, life changed dramatically for both of them. Matt, a father of two girls, lost his wife after a battle with triple-negative breast cancer. Kari, a mom with five boys, lost her husband suddenly to a heart condition they were unaware of. They both found themselves navigating the challenges of grief and loss.

They met the following year and married in 2017. It was through this journey of loss that Grief to Growth® was developed. They have coached hundreds of individuals on how to process their loss, find a new perspective, and then move forward with purpose.

They have developed a unique and transformational curriculum to help those impacted by the loss of someone or something significant.


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