Impacted by loss?
You are not alone.

We all face various forms of loss throughout our lives. Losses may include a loved one, our health, a relationship, or even the loss of our dreams. And when confronted with such losses, we need a path forward.


Grief to Growth Seminar
Saturday, October 21
9 am - 12 pm
Fresno, CA

Don't miss this one-day event as you learn to:

• Understand the Impact of Loss
• Navigate the Holidays after Loss
• Learn to process emotions using proven techniques



2 Options for Grief to Growth 

If you are unable to attend the in-person session at Peoples Church in Fresno, CA, we have the Grief to Growth ONLINE program launching Sunday, August 13th!
Regardless of your location or schedule, you can experience this transformational program!

In-Person | Peoples Church

Fresno, CA
Session Begins Tuesday, August 15

8 Weekly In-person Sessions


Online Program | Virtual Classes

Your Location • Your Schedule
Kickoff Online Orientation - Sunday, August 13

8 Weekly Coaching Sessions and Online Video Content

Learn • Connect • Grow


Needing Hope?


If you're looking for a way to navigate your journey of loss and move forward with greater strength and resilience, attending Grief to Growth® could be the perfect solution. This powerful program has shown to be a life-changing experience for those impacted by loss.


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About Matt and Kari!


Matt and Kari were both married at 19 and spent their married life serving in church ministry. In 2015, life changed dramatically for both of them. Matt, a father of two girls, lost his wife after a battle with triple-negative breast cancer. Kari, a mom with five boys, lost her husband suddenly to a heart condition they were unaware of. They both found themselves navigating the challenges of grief and loss.

They met the following year and married in 2017. It was through this journey of loss that Grief to Growth® was developed. They have coached hundreds of individuals on how to process their loss, find a new perspective, and then move forward with purpose.

They have developed a unique and transformational curriculum to help those impacted by the loss of someone or something significant.


Daily Mindset and Habit Tracker

Learn the importance of journaling and tracking new habits as you take the next step toward hope and healing. Additionally, you will receive powerful information on the importance of journaling when experiencing loss, so you can better understand how it can benefit your healing process.

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