Grief can be a difficult journey...

We are here to help!


Grief to Growth Seminar

Saturday, October 21
9 am - 12 pm

Peoples Church
Fresno, CA

Grief to Growth® helps those who have been impacted by significant loss take the next step forward.


Navigate the Changing Face of Grief

Follow our Grief to Growth Pathway and experience:

  • Understanding your emotions: Identify and understand the emotions you're experiencing during the grieving process.
  • Find support: Participating in a grief support program like this one can provide a sense of community and support from others who are going through similar experiences.
  • Building resilience: The program is designed to help individuals build resilience in the face of adversity, which can be an important factor in moving forward after a loss.
  • Gain perspective:  Learn to look at your loss in a new light.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Topics Covered…

  • Understand the Impact of Loss
    • Why am I feeling the way that I do?

    • Is this Normal?
  • Process Emotions
    • How to better understand and process the emotions you are experiencing
    Be equipped with tools and resources to experience growth
  • Hope for the Holidays
    • Develop a plan to navigate the holidays and gatherings
    • Celebrate old traditions and create new ones

Matt and Kari Perkins

Matt and Kari Perkins are the founders of Grief to Growth™. They are not here to tell you how to grieve, but rather to provide you with the tools and resources you need to navigate your own unique grief journey. This curriculum was born out of their own personal experiences with loss and the realization that they wished they had this kind of support when they were going through it themselves.

Their empathetic and transparent approach is reflected in their sharing of their own stories of loss, including the passing of their late spouses. Their curriculum is not just a collection of things they read in a book, but rather a collection of real-life strategies and insights gained from their own journeys. Through their program, Matt and Kari are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to turn your grief into an opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

"Grief to Growth has given me the tools and resources to help navigate through my grief journey." 

"I found this program a safe space with no judgment."


"Each class was full of hope! I am ready to move forward."