A Pandemic of Grief 

In 2019, Over 57% of Americans indicated that they had experienced the loss of someone or something significant in their lives in the past three years.


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What Grief to Growth participants are saying...


"Grief to Growth has allowed me a second chance to grieve properly and allow the emotions to flow with the better understanding that I have received."


"I'm grateful for the opportunity to self-reflect and identify areas of growth. I am achieving the goals that I set during the program. The course material is FANTASTIC!"


"I found a lot of healing in being surrounded by people who understood me. This helped me process my feelings and understand that my grief was 'normal'."

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About your Coaches 

Matt and Kari Perkins

Matt and Kari Perkins developed Grief to Growth™ as a way to help those impacted by loss take the next step forward in their lives. That next step looks different for each person facing loss. In their lives, they have each faced significant losses. Through this program, their intention is not to tell participants "how" to grieve, but to give the tools necessary to move forward with purpose.