The Grief to Growth Podcast

We trust that you are encouraged through our new podcast giving you resources, tips, and tools to navigate your journey of loss.

Episode 11

Dale Oquist, Lead Pastor of Peoples Church in Fresno, California shares his journey of multiple losses in this past year.


Episode 10

Navigating the holidays can be a challenge, even when you're not managing grief and loss.  Matt and Kari share keys to honor old and embrace new traditions.


Episode 9

Collin shares his journey of loss and how, even when we miss what could have been, we are grateful for what is.


Episode 8

Matt and Kari talk about a new report that Broken Heart Syndrome is on the rise in America..


Episode 7

Breanna Hardy shares her story of the loss of her mom at age 19 and how she dealt with anger.


Episode 6

Laura Figueroa shares her story of the loss of two siblings within 7 months and how she is using this tragedy to help others.


Episode 5

Is denial always a bad thing?  Matt and Kari talk about denial as one of the stages of grief and how it can actually benefit us.


Episode 4

John Brockman shares about the loss of their son, Jaxon and how he and his wife, Joslyn have experienced growth in their life through the grief process.


Episode 3

Matt Perkins shares on "Inviting God into Your Emotions" as he tells about the diagnosis and loss of his wife to triple-negative breast cancer.


Episode 2

Kari Perkins shares her story about the loss of her husband, Pastor Eddie Crain, Children's Pastor of Northpointe Community Church in Fresno, California.


Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of The Grief to Growth Podcast!



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